Watercolor Classes & Workshops


PAINTS - these are the colors I will be using to teach color mixing:
Ultramarine blue
Permanent rose or quinacridone red
Cadmium Yellow Light or New Gamboge
Sap or Hookers Green or Winsor Green Yellow Shade
The brand of paints you buy will make a difference in your color mixing and in the permanency of your painting. I suggest Winsor and Newton (NOT their Cotman brand), Holbein, or Daniel Smith

Watercolor Round #3, #8, and #12

PALETTE a covered plastic palette with a good sized mixing area.

PAPER I recommend Arches 140 cold press, and will make it available to the class for $5.00 per sheet (22"X30"), or you can purchase your own "watercolor block", again I recommend Arches 140 cold press. It is a good paper and will give you a good feel for what watercolor is supposed to do. If you practice on anything less, you won't get the same control.

WATER CONTAINER a plastic container that holds about 2 cups of water. Cool Whip or sherbet containers work well.

SPONGE a household sponge


A WATERCOLOR SKETCHBOOK   I will have Aquabee sketchbooks available for $15.
     If you are taking the class for the first time, feel free to hold off on buying supplies until after the first class.  This way you can see what other students are using and liking.  I can set you up with materials for a class or two.  Please let me know ahead of time if you plan to do this.

If you have any questions about the supplies, please feel free to contact me!